Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned Europe that the Libyan government seen by the United Nations in Tripoli will fall so the continent could face new dangers from the fear of counterfeit associations, in an article published in Politico on Saturday.

In the article, which was distributed on the eve of a meeting on Libya harmony in Berlin, Erdogan said the EU’s failure to sufficiently help the Government of National Accord (GNA) would be ” its own sale of core beliefs, including the majority rule system and human rights “.

“Europe will experience a new arrangement of problems and dangers if the real Libyan government falls,” Erdogan said.

“The fear merchant associations, for example Daesh and Al-Qaeda, which have suffered a military beating in Syria and Iraq, will find rich ground to recover financially.

The GNA led by Fayez al-Sarraj has been under attack since April by the powers of strongman Khalifa Haftar located in the east of the country, with fighting against more than 280 regular citizens and 2,000 suitors.

In a joint activity, Turkey and Russia accelerated a truce but Haftar left talks in Moscow this week, slated to complete the ceasefire agreement.

An enraged Erdogan blamed Haftar for escaping Moscow and said he would “educate him for an exercise” if he continued to fight.

Erdogan’s administration backs Sarraj and the Turkish parliament approved the organization of troops in Libya before this month after the signing of a questionable ocean and security agreement between Tripoli and Ankara.

“To leave Libya powerless in the face of a warlord would be a big mistake,” he said, in a hidden reference to Haftar.