You always remember your first time in Lagos. As Paloma Elsesser will let you know, the Nigerian megatropolis seems to pulsate with lively vitality virtually every hour of the day and night. “The hues and the warmth give you a shock, but this surprise is fiery,” she says. “Each day mingles with the following with a sticky congruence.”

The model made her second excursion to Lagos a month ago for Homecoming, the annual celebration launched by Anglo-Nigerian music expert Grace Ladoja. The long days of opportunity included a spring shop filled with one-off coordinated efforts (Kenneth Ize and Mowalola were among the Nigerian designers who made constrained version pieces), a football competition, and a progression of tight speeches within the board. boards in which Elsesser took an interest in neighboring designer Irene Agbontaen and esthetician Ade Samuel. The terrific final? A fabulous spectacle which brought together the best of nearby capacity as well as a couple of unique visitors to the world. “Obviously, watching Skepta is always a top choice. The vitality that young people bring to it is what makes Homecoming so unique, ”explains the model. “My mate Grace also put me on this new craftsman called Rema. It was amazing to watch his first major presentation. ”

For Elsesser, the most significant snapshots of her excursion accompanied a small demonstration. “I love going to Tarkwa Bay; it’s this amazing seaside that has a stunning network of artisans, and the families who live on the little island are very kind, ”she says. “A year ago, I spent time with a young woman named Stephanie throughout the day, and this time I spent the day with her and her sister Popo. We went for a swim and chatted about young men and clothing throughout the evening. It was extremely wonderful to feel associated with someone whose life seems so unique as mine. See more features of its release in the slideshow above.