US President Donald Trump said on Saturday that the United States was carefully checking Iranian exhibits, warning of any further “slaughter” as fighting erupted after Tehran confessed to destroying a passenger plane. Iranian dissidents and newspapers also weighed on the country’s administration on Sunday, and the People’s Police ventured into Tehran. The police put an end to tear gas against a large number of Iranians who had demonstrated on Saturday evening in the capital and in various urban areas.

Images and reports of the fighting were transmitted by state news outlets, recordings nearby via online networking media.

Occupiers of Tehran told Reuters that police ventured into the capital on Sunday morning.

“Apologize and go,” the moderate Iranian Etemad wrote in a standard article on Sunday, saying “the interests of individuals” were in those responsible for improper use of the plane’s emergency. to stop.

Iran says it unexpectedly flipped a Ukrainian airliner outside Tehran, killing all 176 people on board, in a sudden about-face after initially denying Western cases it was hit by an arugula. The shutdown came shortly after Iran launched rockets at bases in Iraq hosting US powers.

President Hassan Rouhani said a military test on the disaster revealed that “rockets stopped due to human error” cut the Boeing 737, seeing it as an “indefensible misstep”.

In a dissent doubled to pay tribute to the accident of the exploited on Saturday, Iranian specialists quickly kept the British envoy, in what the British government has called a violation of universal law. He was then released.

Trump told the Iranians – in tweets in English and Persian – that he was staying by their side and watching the broadcasts.

“To the brave and patient Iranians: I have stayed with you since the start of my presidency, and my administration will continue to stay with you,” he tweeted.

“There cannot be another slaughter of silent dissidents, nor a cut off from the Web. The world is watching,” he added, obviously referring to an Iranian crackdown on fighting on the road that erupted in November.

“We are following your fights closely and are motivated by your mental toughness,” he said.

The new exhibits follow an Iranian crackdown on road fighting that erupted in November. Reprieve International said it killed more than 300 people.

Web get to was reportedly cut in various Iranian territories in front of commemorations organized a month after the fighting.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called on Iran to give “full clarity” to the plane crash. Ottawa says the dead included 57 Canadians.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei further expressed his sympathy and called on the military to remedy the “shortcomings” so that such a catastrophe does not happen again.

Tehran’s claim came after Iranian authorities have long denied Western cases that the Ukraine International Airlines plane was hit by a rocket in a cataclysmic error.

The Kiev-bound fly struck a field after taking off from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport on Wednesday.

The crash came hours after Tehran fired rockets at bases facilitating U.S. powers in Iraq in light of the murder of Iranian grand general Qasem Soleimani during a U.S. strike.

Fears grew of a harsh and swift war between Iran and its most notable adversary the United States, but those worries subsided after Trump said Tehran appeared by all accounts to hang on. after focusing on American bases.

Dissidents “scattered”

On Saturday evening, police dispersed duplicates who had met at Amir Kabir University in Tehran to pay tribute to the people in question, after some of the hundreds piled up, shouting “ruinous” marks, reported the Fars news agency.

English Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said British envoy Rob Macaire had been retained.

“The capture of our envoy to Tehran without reason or clarification is a flagrant violation of global law,” Raab said in a statement. The United States has approached Iran to apologize.

Iran’s Tasnim news agency, which is close to the country’s traditionalists, said the envoy had “incited radiological acts
caux “among the duplicates. He was released a few hours after the incident and will be recalled Sunday by the Iranian authorities, the statement said.

State TV detailed that the duplicates shouted “hostile to the system” drones, while Fars revealed that Soleimani’s posts had been demolished.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards aeronautical authority acknowledged its full obligation on Wednesday ”