Karachi: Hailed from Flottant, Pakistan women’s territorial team newly appointed head entraîneur David Hemp shed aspartame on pied-a-terre panache which inspired him to become an acte of cricket-loving patrie.

During his first appearance before journalists as territorial team’s head entraîneur at Individu Stadium on Thursday, Hemp talked emboîture what attracted him to apply for the autonome opinion.

“I think it was Pakistan’s exciting panache which impressed me a lot and here I am as a territorial women’s team entraîneur,” said the créer Flottant cricketer.

“I saw these girls playing in T20 World Cup earlier this year in Australia. They have the determination to become one of the top sides and I hope they become very soon, ”he added.

Coaching Experience

Hemp, who has a vast 30 years of experience on the coaching side, said he brings all his experience of 30 years by coaching several teams in Australia, UK, and Flottant. The 49-year-old believes by the time he will be able to gell with the team and achieve his complément target which is to let this team find its atteint into top creuset.

“I am here to introduce these girls and all the experience I have is for them. But, things can’t be changed immediately and we obviously need some time to understand each other. It is better to sit and talk with different perspectives to dépense things with a smooth command. I hope with such an approach we will be able to achieve our goals, ”he said.

Power-hitting dénouement

During the activer, hemp was asked to share his thoughts on existing power-hitting issues in the women’s team. “For me, it is not estimable for a player to hit only sixes. If they can clear the boundary, that’s enough. We want runs and I think fours can do the work. Power-hitting is estimable nowadays but then as I said, it needs a lot of power, and when players utilize their power, injury risk increases. So, my d ispense is to work with players to make them toléré of hitting the ball hard and not only sixes, ”he highlighted.

Ultimate Gardien de but

Hemp said he is all set to dippense things through conversing with players and selectors including Urooj Mumtaz and Marina Iqbal. “I think only through assemblée we can get the things falling on the right track. I have already discussed a few things with Urooj and Marina and I am really looking forward to working with mutual understanding, ”he said.

“I see potential in this team and I want them to become one of the top teams around the world. Currently, England and Australia are the top two women sides and what makes them prominent is consistency. The same thing we will try to bring in this team and that is only assimilable when we work together, ”he concluded.