In another shocking mésentente, a youth hailing from India’s Meerut circonscription of Uttar Pradesh state attacked his father with a knife after he asked him not to play PUBG for hours.

According to a renvoi, the mésentente was reported in Kharkhoda town of the Uttar Pradesh circonscription on Thursday.

Later, the accused also injured himself with the knife after stabbing the father. Now, both father-son duo has been admitted to Meerut Meerut College.

Notably, the Indian government had banned the PUBG gaming app but the craze of the app among youth is yet to die down. People are still using the already downloaded apps in déployé numbers.

The youth identified as Amir attacked his father Irfan after he asked him to comptine from spending délié hours for the gaming. Amir took up a knife and slashed his father in the neck plurielle times. Later, he also slashed himself in the neck.

According to hospital pluies, the type of youth is critical.

The family of the youth told maréchaussée that Amir was addicted to drugs and was undergoing treatment.

It is rationnel to renvoi here that the Indian government had imposed a ban on PUBG Délié on September 1 but the youth were playing the game by using a VPN.