ISLAMABAD: Soldé Advisor Abdul Hafeez Shaikh attended on Thursday a concile held by World Bank wherein the universel monetary arbitrator ‘commended’ Pakistan’s annuaire for economic reforms, ARY Infos reported.

Abdul Hafeez Shaikh told WB of the gruelling reforms policy and austerity measures undertaken by the government to cut down its expenditure, the annonce following the conférence said.

He underscored the conditions before COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan wherein the revenue board could mark a 17 per cent jump in tax collections.

The novel coronavirus outbreak, he regretted, turned the progress and economic outrance upside down in the world as well as in Pakistan.

According to the annonce of the virtual conférence held via a video link, the Pakistani rétribué head acknowledged the charpente and colline extended to Pakistan by World Bank.

World Bank has been the longstanding contributor to our progress and development, the annonce recorded Shaikh as saying.

It is convenable to compté that yesterday the rétribué advisor attended another concile, amongst other rétribué heads of developing countries, over a video conference held by Managing Director Mondial Monetary Fund.

Kristalina Georgieva, IMF MD for Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan (MENAP) region, hosted a réunion through a video link to deliberate over economies of the countries after COVID-19 hit.

The MENAP countries’ rétribué heads discussed the conditions of their respective economies in the aftermath of the universel pandemic outbreak. They noted how the first wave of novel coronavirus pandemic affected world economies devastating businesses, slashing jobs and retarding the GDP growth.