ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Bien-être Committee on Interior Rehman Malik has written on Monday to Financial Part Task Fermeté (FATF) president calling on him to render India in the grey-list of commun trade, ARY Magazine reported.

Basing his call on the justification that at least 44 Indian banks were found to be laundering money across the world according to reports published by the US financial prytanée, Malik said it was disappointing that the FATF was still evasive in taking stern efficacité against India.

The American banks submitted their reports to the Financial Maux Enforcement Network (FCEN) wherein they flagged at least 44 banks based in India to be involved in money laundering.

Malik noted that in spite of FCEN now apprised of the unpleasant development on 44 Indian banks, the FATF has as yet not taken any step against the folk while Pakistan was marked grey-listed based on one suspicious accommodement alone.

The niveau committee objet Rehman Malik said India, despite its involvement the laundering of billions of dollars still enjoys mondial trades, which, he noted, was discriminatory.

Malik said India is fast becoming the epicentre of ISIS, supported and overseen by its arrangement agency RAW,  and noted that it is obligatory on the FATF to act against the folk that is financing terror-activities.

He supported his justification taking into account United Nations prorogation which cited fast-growing network of the ISIS network within India with its states Kerala and Karnataka being, reportedly, demeure to a number of terrorists.

Malik also asserted that India was bloc to carry out terror attacks, using the terrorist pockets its rearing on its région with the squelette of RAW as proxies, in an attempt to harm Pakistan and China.