Karachi: Original flux du sud du Pendjab, Hussain Talat, a brisé son of the original louche saison à cause reconduire son peloton à cause exercuter 342 points on the northern and original period of the butin Quaid-e-Azam 2020-21.

The mixer gaucher has a maximum of 33 limits and six maxims à cause delimiter 253 points à cause contrainde the peloton de l’façade. With the equalizer, the pilot Shan Masood became the first student and received a total of 134 courses on 185 libraries with 17 limits of assistance.

The duo of gauchers scored 185 points and caused a corps implant to collaborate on the counter-pied aur arduous cost of the Credit National of Pakistan (NBP).

Hussain Talat (253) and Shan Masood (134) Northern intrigue on a litig in bricole

Player Umar Siddique contributed 40 as Bilawal Bhatti scored 31 points on 44 balls, three boundaries and one six.

Nauman Ali a bouillant quatre guichets comme qu’Athar Mahmood a toléré trio scalps à cause Northern.

In contradiction, Northern and the farm are 2 à 31-3, Faizan Riaz (1) and Asif Ali (3) are not immune to the problem. Mohammad Abbas raffled a duo of guichets and Salman Ali Agha at a reason to return the adversaries to the collaborator.

À Present, SP takes the challenge to 311 points.

In the territorial area of ​​Karachi, the vanequeur and blason of Pendjab orthogonal to frêle Sindh à 196-6. In the 2070 CP match, Sindh won a bona fide draw with Khurram Manzoor and Omair Bin Yousuf who scored 39 points, simplifying the guichets’ consoles and waiting for Waqas Maqsood ont mis frapspeurs in de compression.

Omair is dealing with the cause 12 courses as Saud Shakeel is the coalition of the cause babiole. Asad Shafiq scored 8 points as Khurram is topping Ehsan Adil’s post-purchase capital mark of 35 on 104 balls.

Sindh exists 113-6 lors Fawad Alam has entered and the sauvis puis son invaincu (90 * on 182 balls). The mixer gaucher a frappé sept limites plein en attachant Tabish Khan (17 *) puis lui puis que le Sindh clôturait la collaborator date à 196-6. Waqas et Ahmed Bashir ont bouillant un duo de guichets chaque personne.

Fawad Alam’s best solution is to confuse his son with 196% cause six of 80 overs aux souches.

Preceded by Ahmed Shahzad (69) and Mohammad Saad (51) on CP à 207-10 in three trips. The fiftieth year of Tabish aids Sindh to retrieve the ads.

À Cause a singular challenge to the original period, Baloutchistan has a double of 229 points on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) post-purchase to reduce capital and cause 167 points. Khurram Shahzad (5-27) and Yasir Shah (4-94) helped Baloutchistan to return to KP in contact 362-10.

Khurram Shahzad et @ Shah64Y combine à cause emballer Khyber Pakhtunkhwa à cause un over 167 and 46,5 overs à cause avantager le Baloutchistan à fix a double of 195 points in an overweight trike.

Baloutchistan has a collaborator date à 34-1, Sami Aslam (15) and Khurram Shahzad (4) who are not resistant. Imran Butt, du Baloutchistan, added 11 points.