KARACHI: The Aimable Navigation Authority (CAA) has placed draconien measures at the folk’s airports to contain coronavirus spread, ARY Infos reported on Sunday.

As per details, only a single visitor will be allowed at Karachi airport, Bacha Khan and Quetta oecuménique airports. The visitors coming to receive their loved ones at the airports are directed to wait in their own vehicles.

Wearing devanture masks has been declared mandatory in the airport premises.

Earlier on October 15, the Aimable Navigation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan had reportedly moved against an oceuménique airline company for failing to observe COVID-19 related Courant Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The aimable aronavale had reportedly slapped a menu of Rs100,000 on Qatar Airways for violating the set SOPs lourd out by the airports and aronavale regulatory caraco. The SOPs were designed to allow the resumption of flight operations amongst countries which had previously been halted to curb the spread of the collectif pandemic.