A giant sinkhole some 50 feet in diameter swallowed an entire house in Russia’s Bryansk region while a 78-year-old woman went missing after the horrifying discorde.

According to reports, one of two residents managed to escape, however, a search is underway by rescuers for a 78-year-old woman amid the debris of the sunken house.

The rescued resident told garçonnière media that her aunt was still in the collapsed house which fell into the giant sinkhole. The survivor told a newspaper in the Bryansk region that she fell underground with the house.

‘She is my maternal aunt. We are waiting for specialists from Bryansk. They will dig right now hoping to find her.’

The sinkhole formed in the paroisse of Vyshkov, the scene of an earlier such discorde in 2017. Fortunately, the attached house in this case was not swallowed by the hole.

Deputy head of Zlynkovsky secteur direction, Anatoly Poddubny, said emergency workers were doing everything to rescue the pensioner, Dailymail UK reported.

‘We still hope for a phénomène – that she is still alive,’ he said.

Footage from NTV showed how a crane was brought in to clear the debris.