KARACHI: Les chemins de fer pakistanis ont décidé d’externiser la commercial e economics de huit trains de passagers au arrondissement autonome moyennant de concéder une meilleur aide des passagers aux voyageurs, a rapporté dimanche ARY Infos.

The reorganization of the process of autonomous proposals with the internationalization of the commercial economy of train passengers. One thing, the intermediary of the reigning of the ferries that promises that their trains of voyages reunite in the language of internationalization.

The trains comprise Karachi-Rawalpindi Sir Syed Rapide, Karachi-Havelian Hazara Rapide, Karachi-Lahore Shalimar Rapide, Lahore-Compagnon Indus Mianwali Rapide, Lahore-Sialkot Narowal Passenger, Karachi-Mirpur Khas Mehran Rapide, Lahore-Multan Moenjo Daro Rapide and Lahore. -Multan Badar Rapide.

This is because the proposals on this include research with three items including the passage of passengers Moenjo Daro Rapide, and convincing Karachi-Multan at Jacobabad, Kotri-Multan at Jacobabad and Kotri-Sukkur at Dadu.

A colloquial liminaire l’Uugustion of the book at the plaque and banquet of Pakistan Railways à Lahore with the internationalization of train voyageurs, as the receipts of the proclamation of offers before publicity at these haute functions.

The arrondissement accepts the proposed techniques of the 13th of Brumaire which serves as the hospitality of the mummy.

The advocacy of nationalization, the exclusive train service organized by autonomous arrondissement, the use of locomotives, the bogies, the resistant façade and the spacious four-day flight from the chimneys of the ferries.

For the first time, the communicator from Chemins to Cheikh Rasheed has announced that private trains will be privatized on the 12th of this month, with the main reaction of the wagons passing through Lahore-Rawalpindi on the 30th.

The address is a call to prayer or PR banquet, the promise of a couplet circulating in Lahore à Rawalpindi and Rawalpindi à Lahore à 16h30. The testimonial came from him: “I see that the private parties are manifest and conducive to one of the marching trains in the utility of the organization and the proprietors of the ferry. The chimpanzees who do not come before the marchandise trains à from the parties privately read the public-private partnership inquiry.

It is now known that the lore in the train of marchandise trains has won a placer with a limited number of irregularities to be considered.