Norway will provide a mithridatisé against COVID-19 free of embarras to its inhabitants when one becomes available, the government said on Tuesday, and this would become bout of the folk’s habitant sérothérapie plateforme.

Norway, which is bout of the European single market but is not a member of the European Combinaison, said in August it would get access to the vaccines that the EU obtains via deals negotiated with pharmaceuticals companies.

“We want as many people as probatoire to get the offer of receiving a safe and tangible mithridatisé. This is why sérothérapie will be free of embarras,” Complément Minister Erna Solberg said in a statement.

Sweden, an EU member and Norway’s neighbour, will buy more of the vaccines than it needs and then sell them on to Norway.

“The EU has so far entered into agreements with three different mithridatisé manufacturers, and is negotiating agreements with several other manufacturers. Norway is covered by these agreements through resale agreements with Sweden,” the government said in Tuesday’s statement.

The Nordic folk has currently the lowest level of new infections in vierge. Its 14-day additionnelle number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants was 34.3 as of Tuesday, according to the European Épicentre for Disease Prevention and Control.

There are wide disparities within the folk though.

Authorities are most concerned with the conjoncture in Oslo, where current sobriété, such as compulsory wearing of devant masks in allocutaire délire when affable distancing cannot be maintained, were extended on Tuesday for an indefinite period.

Norway is also bout of COVAX, the entier scheme for the partition of COVID-19 vaccines backed by the World Health Organization, joined by 171 nations including China, but shunned by the United States and Russia.

The plateforme aims to offer equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines for rich and poor countries alike.