Lahore: The International Federation of the Haute Diplomacy in Lahore, the International (ret) Fazal-e-Miran Chauhan, in an aptitude of the Intermediate Fantasticist, has recently become a member of the Salem Malik Diplomacy I apologize to the PCB disciplines for announcing an affidavit guarantee in its entirety.

The latest paragraphs of the last 11 pages, the internal Chauhan a calligraphy: appe The appellant (Saleem Malik) has applied for an affidavit guarantee from the CCP indicating that it is not applicable to the annual exempt de badinages or Paris . This requirement reverses the autonomy of a PCB NOC (patron) is not natural.

Appe Appears a post revers a charge or a battery or conductor conducts a collision of cricket in the PCB and at the moment excavation a declaration of the legitimacy of the PCB. This request does not exist.

Appe The applause should give the brand a chance to apologize to the PCB. If not, the PCB will receive a NOC reversal to diligently facilitate a charge or adjuster approval.

D The diplomacy in the category is traced back to the fact that the PCB did not allow the application of transcripts of data from 25-5-2000 to the applicant (Saleem Malik) without the authenticator relative to the original bands. The CCP has an artisan concilisation of the solvent of Salem Malik and the batteries of the barreau, for example.

L’Buttonnier du CCP, M. Taffazul Rizvi, a cordial: «The diplomacy of M. Saleem Malik at the internship of the Commissar Fantasticist, the Internal (o la oisif) Fazal-e-Miran Chohan. The commissary intermediary fanatics a convincing hierarchical opinion that the request of M. Salim Malik reverses the gabelle of NOC could not exist because the devait brandir had a chance to apologize.

“Intermediaries also came to the conclusion that M. Salim Malik could not pass the test to the CCP to receive a NOC reversal of a charge or adjuster of approval.”