LAHORE: The representative of Chemins de Sheikh Rasheed has a direct argument that trains supplying their services will be privatized from 12 Brumaire, encore the reactivation of the wagons passing by Lahore-Rawalpindi to 30 Brumaire.

The address is a discussion of PR and investment investments, the direct one that circulates the platform to Lahore à Rawalpindi and Rawalpindi à Lahore à 16h30.

The representative said directly: “I see that the private parties are manifest and conducive to the trains marching in the utilization of the foundation and the proprietorship of the fair. The chimpanzees who come before the trains of marchandise are private parties within the convening of a public-private collaboration.

It is a subsidy that the garnishment of marchandise trains has been part of à cause implanter fin aux irregulators à cet attention.

Expressing the impulse of the Conservative Party of Conspiracy, the representative of the Chemins for Sheikh Rasheed has made a dramatic realization of the authenticity of the access to the process of Democratic Pakistan (PDM) in Quetta.

«The terrorists are regrouping and their enemies are entering the territory», sensing the representative confederate, «he loves à cause the retrouvailles of public places à Peshawar and Quetta», a-t-il dit.

En The enchantment of somme and la co sot sont a vraisemblable empire and Imran Khan always this empire within four seasons à procured », a subsidiary Sheikh Rasheed.