The Pakistani rupee strengthened on Monday as the US dollar exchange scale was weakened by 0.10 rupees, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) said.

The US dollar was traded at Rs154.56, in contrast to the more recent trade of Rs154.66.

In the open market, however, the pace of buying and selling the Pakistani rupee against the dollar has remained at Rs154.45 and Rs155.15 separately.

The SBP further revealed that in interbank, the cost of the euro devalued by Rs0.53 and was exchanged at Rs172.02, against the last shutting of Rs172.55.

However, the Japanese yen conversion standard remained stable at 1.40 rupees. A reduction of Rs0.05 was seen in the conversion scale for the pound sterling, which traded at Rs201.86 in contrast to the last close of Rs201.91.

The UAE Dirham exchange was reduced by 02 paisa to close at Rs42.08, while the Saudi riyal declined by 03 paisa to close at Rs41.19.