The Small Business Administration gave insight to its Economic Disaster Injury Loan applications within an open call Wednesday with numerous media bureaus.

Throughout the telephone, officials using the SBA talked about multiple applications available to small companies and nonprofit organizations.

Of these apps, Economic Injury Disaster Loans are being supplied. They may be used for payroll and other ordinary costs, including invoices, regular land obligations and lease, according to SBA officials.

The loan allowed each company is going to be based off several standards, but no company may be given a loan of greater than $500,000. Firms already approved in 2020 for EIDL loans possess a 24-month deferment period from getting the loan to start payments, and people obtained in 2021 will possess an 18-month deferment, SBA officials stated.

For a company to be considered for these grants, it has to complete an EIDL program and drop under different credentials. A mapping tool can be found on the SBA’s site to help companies in knowing if their place is thought to be a very low income area for grant purposes, SBA officials stated.

Grants could be approved without accepting financing, and associations which were diminished to an EIDL loan might still obtain a targeted or supplemental EIDL progress grant, according to the SBA.

As of this media call, just $550 million of those EIDL supplemental award’s $5 billion financing was used.