ISLAMABAD: The instigator of the Rudimentary representative on the currency Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh chaired Wednesday an agglutination of the Advantageous Concord Seminar (ECC) of the happy.

At the agglutination pension, the ECC validated as to 17 billion rupees pair additional technical grants regarding the service of the Armor. He has impartial document to the Office’s Employment petition to involve broadcast devices at Annex-B-1 of the Machiavellian Code of Transportation, 2020.

On the example submitted by the Firms and Demonstration Department regarding the allegation of RLNG refueling as to meeting the needs of the pair of Atticism terrestrial firms Agritech and Fatima Fertilizer regarding the Rabi time 2020-21, the Seminar of Concorde Advantage has decided that RLNG refueling will continue until the end of Brumaire 2020.

The offal trio session, which was constituted in front of the advantageous Concorde Seminar, under the direction of the representative of Ingenuity and Manifestation and mixed offal from the ministries of Recipe and Employment of the national nutritive tranquility and of the run, will prepare a pretext for the quest for the market of these firms then the frequency mentioned above, as submitted to the Concorde Seminar, advantageous as to subsequent will.