WWE Champion Bobby Lashley was backstage when RAW kicked off following a recap of the week along with The All Mighty stated he planned to walk out in WrestleMania because the champ.

The A-Lister whined about protecting the name twice and stated that it had been unfair. He had been convinced about the rematch and he will win the WWE name back.

The Miz was struck by a stalling suplex early before he was able to ship Lashley to the ring post once the match led outside. Following a break, Lashley countered a huge clothesline and delivered The Miz to the barricades, and declare desk out.

Lashley pitched the former WWE Champion to the ring post out prior to hitting a Flatliner from the ring. Then he hit on the All Mighty Spinebuster and Lashley setup to your Hurt Lock, which makes The Miz faucet out with hardly any effort.

The Miz to keep WWE Championship

He had been demanding a rematch when Sheamus assaulted him from nowhere.

After Drew recovered, he discovered Adam Pearce and wanted that a no disqualification match against Sheamus.

Backstage on RAW, R-Truth desired Braun Strowman to join him get his 24/7 name back. Braun told Truth he was active and that he needed to speak to Shane McMahon.

Braun came out into the ring and required Shane and WWE show him honor.