The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) cricket assembly introduced Babar, 25, to take over from the contemporary captain of sign Azhar Ali previously on the Zeeland Event circuit.

Escorting from the waters, the cricket congregation does not want Azhar postscript to guide the sign when goalkeeper-batter Muhammad Rizwan is liable to a character called vice-captain of the signing.

The leader PCB Ehsan Mani will take a definition conclusion about the harbor master’s office Criterion subsequently possession measured all capacities.

It should be noted that a duo of days ago, it was reported that Rizwan, who coincidentally proved his proof as a portico and transom object, would be externally transmitted the solid role of guide.

The host and the guide of the Zeeland Event circuit will be announced on 11 Brumaire where they will play a pair of T20I tests and trio.

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